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Katrina Carter (She/Her)

Special interests / Skills:

General physiotherapy, rehabilitation, bike fitting, dry needling, Pilates exercise classes.

It was Kat’s passion for movement and sporting background that lead her on the path to study physiotherapy – competing in a variety of sports before focusing on her gymnastics career. She experienced several injuries over the span of her career, she recalls being intrigued in her own recovery during her rehabilitation and training.


After completed her Master of Physiotherapy from Curtin University in Perth, Kat begun her career in the Pilbara region of WA to cement her knowledge and skill in a wide scope of physiotherapy.

Since then she has continued to fulfill her need for further learning and personal development with extensive studies both here in Australia and abroad including studies in the US, Europe, UK and NZ. Covering topics like Clinical Reasoning in Exercise and Rehabilitation, Dry Needling, Tendinopathy, Bike Fitting, ConnectTherapyTM and Health Promotion.


Over the course of her career she has worked in a wide variety of settings including some on London’s Premier Private Hospitals, the NHS and Private Practice. Taking a break from London and taking an opportunity not to be missed she returned to Australia to work in Cape York, flying and driving into communities across the region for 12 months. After another stint in London Kat returned to Melbourne and has been working in Private Practice for the last 9 years.


Kat has developed a particular interest in holistic assessment to ensure the actual driver of an issue is identified and addressed during the treatment pathway to ensure every patient/client makes a full recovery from the presenting issue.  A strong passion not only for learning but also for education and sharing of knowledge is embedded into daily consultations.


In Kat’s spare time her obsession for cycling takes her on many shared adventures, always looking to fulfill the need to find new roads, to explore with friends.  When leading rides and helping with organisation of events with Rapha it’s quite common to find her pouring over maps plotting the next adventure. As one that loves to be active it’s not uncommon to see her hop on the bike, climb on the bouldering wall, take a roll on the skateboard or hit the tennis courts.

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