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Our Team
Carlos (He/Him)
Pathology Collector

Carlos is a Medical Scientist with more than six years of overseas experience in blood banks. His background in haematology testing in Colombia has sharpened his skills in blood collection, venepuncture, and processing specimens.


Currently, he is part of 4Cyte Pathology working as a pathology collector and is delighted to offer the best experience to our patients at The Crane GP when having a blood test.


As a typical Colombian, he has a very warm personality and loves coffee. He considers himself hyper-tolerant to caffeine. Within his hobbies, watching the Formula 1 Grand Prix takes the lead, followed by going for a ride on his bike. Last but not least, he is deeply in love with his six-year-old son.

If you need a pathology test done, come say hello to Carlos during the following Pathology Collection Hours:

Weekdays: 8am - 3:30pm

Saturday: 9am - 12pm

No appointment is required and we accept ALL pathology forms.

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