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Michelle Harris 

Special interests / Skills:

Perinatal, Family & General Nutrition, Group Education

Michelle has completed a Health Science (Nutrition) degree, graduating with Distinction from Deakin University. Michelle enjoys all aspects of nutrition from client education to family nutrition and general nutrition. Michelle is Mum to two young children and has special interests in perinatal nutrition and the practicality of feeding the family day to day.


Michelle previously spent more than a decade working as a nurse in the veterinary industry. While in this role, Michelle completed further study in animal nutrition which included consulting with many pet parents. Witnessing the impact good nutrition has on enriching pets’ lives, paired with personally trying to eat well whilst working shift work, fuelled Michelle’s appetite for human nutrition.


Michelle is available for face-to-face consultations at The Crane GP on Saturdays, as well as virtual sessions throughout the week.


Michelle is looking forward to helping you fuel your body and feel your best.  

To learn more about Michelle, including how to book a consultation, please visit her website: Seedling Family Nutrition

Michelle's Simple Winter Vege Soup Recipe: Click to Read

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